Phil Knight NikeThe man who founded and converted Nike into the world’s number one athletic apparel brand and one of the best companies in the entire world has finally left the company he once created. Phil Knight has finally retired from the Nike board of directors. While Mark Parker was already CEO, Phil held the chairman position on the board of directors which will now be held by Mark as well. On the same day of Phil’s departure, Nike revealed Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has been appointed to Nike’s Lead Independent Director. Unbeknownst to many people, Apple CEO Tim Cook has held a position on the Nike board of directors for some time now. Mark Parker said of Phil Knight’s departure;

“His entrepreneurial drive is and always will be part of our DNA. Along with Nike’s exceptional management team, I am committed to leading our next era of innovation and growth as we serve and inspire athletes throughout the world.”

Thank you for all your hard work Phil and creating a brand for individuals striving for VICTORY.