You’ve seen the hat already. It was the fashion statement of 2014. The hat became its own celebrity giving birth to its own Twitter account ( and earned tweets from Arby’s, Quaker Oats, and even coverage by CNN. Google searches for Pharrell soared by 5000% when he wore the hat and searches for oversized accessories also jumped by 50%.

While the hat definitely increased Pharrell’s popularity and made him a trending topic worldwide, there are things we can all learn from Pharrell’s infamous hat selection when making our own fashion choices:

Save all your fashion accessories

According to Pharrell, he bought the hat five years before the 2014 Grammy’s and just decided to wear it that night. “If I knew what it was going to do, you just never know with things, it was pure instinct” he said. Therefore never throw out a fashion accessory no matter how ugly, non-matching, old, unused or ridiculous it may be. You never know when your admiration might increase by something you bought long ago.

Be bold in your assertions

Whether you loved, laughed, or hated the hat, you have to give Pharrell credit-he was fully committed to wearing the hat. You should also be committed to wearing your outfit no matter how bright, unusual, or crazy it might be. People are attracted to individuals who display confidence.

Be unique

While we all have our favorite go to brands don’t be afraid to purchase something different once in a while. The infamous hat was not a Versace hat, it was a Vivienne Westwood inspired by Malcom McLaren’s 1982 “Buffalo Gals” video. “I rest good knowing it was just me expressing myself..I just don’t understand people who live in a box and are really comfortable saying, ‘Me too’. It’s so weird to me” Pharrell said of the hat. None of us wants to be the person who is wearing the same shirt as our co-worker or classmate. So go out there and buy something unique that expresses you.