Gabrielle Union Shoe Store“Union Gabrielle fine as hell” is opening up a sneaker store just for women. Faith Rein Haslem revealed to The Coveteur that her and Gabrielle Union are working on a new sneaker store for women. Both are wives to players on the NBA’s Miami Heat squad. Haslem revealed, “Gabrielle Union and I are working on a women’s shoe store….it’s in the very early works, but we’re definitely taking steps in planning. Baby steps, but that’s definitely the goal.”

Haslem then went on and stated it will be more about actual fashion and less about Jordans, “It’s going to be a concept store/women’s sneaker store, but with a fashion angle…’s not necessarily about having Jordans per se, it’s going to be more the fashion-y thing.”

Will you be shopping at the new shoe store by Gabrielle Union?