Jeff LoagzIt is not everyday you find a largely built man with a muscular physique who can dress. Think about it….how often do you see a bodybuilders properly pull off a three-piece suit or the huge guy in the squat rack wear a decent gym outfit? You usually don’t. Jeff Logan however is the exception. The founder of Logan Performance weighs 220+ and can dress as well as any thin skinny jean wearing guy out there. The physical fitness guru can lift AND dress his ass off. We had the opportunity to interview Jeff on his canny fashion sense and stylish gym outfits…

While fitness is your expertise, you are also very fashionable. Have you always been into fashion?

Jeff: Thank you! Yes, I used to have a clothing business a long time ago selling T-shirts and customized pieces.

Where do you get inspiration for your outfits?

Jeff: My inspiration for my outfits comes from the fashion sense of Europe as a whole honestly. I loved my time over there just observing fashion and its different cultures.

You spend a lot of time in the gym…do you spend most of your fashion efforts buying gym clothes or nice dress clothes?

Jeff: My fashion efforts are spent evenly inside and outside the gym. I own a clothing company ( and it has to adhere to both sides of the fashion spectrum.

What is your favorite go-to gym outfit?

Jeff: My favorite go-to gym outfit is a lose-fitting cut-off shirt, joggers, a nice hat, and some nice Nike trainers to set off the outfit proper.

You have a very muscular figure. How does that affect the clothes you buy?

Jeff: My clothes need to compliment my shape, so I have to try on everything I am looking to create or purchase.

How would you describe your fashion style?

Jeff: My style can be described as confident and unique.

If you could only pick one….Nike or Adidas? Why?

Jeff: Nike is a staple and stands for so much more than a clothing brand, while Adidas is attacking mainstream fashion from every angle. I enjoy both brands and try not to mix them and give them equal time haha.

Favorite fashion store to shop?

Jeff: I really like American Apparel when I want to keep things simple.

What advice would you give to bodybuilders or individuals with muscular physiques looking to improve their style?

Jeff: I would advise them to invest in what they wear because when I have one of my favorite gym outfits (during) my training…(it) seems to go better just as when I’m at a black-tie event…the sharper I feel I’m dressed, the better the interactions are.

In your opinion, what is the key to a good outfit?

Jeff: I would say the key is shoes to top off the outfit, I feel footwear completes the equation ♦

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To view more outfit pictures of Jeff Logan make sure to check out his Instagram and Twitter accounts at @JeffLoagz.