Daisy Marquez Makeup CoverMakeup is no easy task. In fact, for some girls….it is the hardest task in the world. Nevertheless, there is hope one day you can improve your makeup skills and Daisy Marquez is living proof of that. The popular self-taught makeup artist was not always an expert and did not always have thousands of girls seeking makeup help from her. Like every girl at one point in their lives Daisy also struggled with makeup. Nonetheless at only 18 years of age, she has now become a certified makeup pro all through self-teaching. We had the opportunity to interview makeup artist Daisy Marquez on her makeup journey as well as discuss some tips for girls looking to improve their makeup game….

How long have you been into makeup? 

Daisy: I’ve been into makeup ever since I joined a dance drill team in high school, but started taking it serious my senior year.

Where do you get inspiration for your makeup looks?

Daisy: I get inspiration from @makeupbyalinna and @champagnewhisper, both are such amazing mua’s with great skills and I aspire to reach their talent one day.

How do you approach your makeup on lazy days (days where you don’t feel like going out)?

Daisy: When I feel lazy and don’t want to go all out I simply just fill in my eyebrows, pop on some falsies and call it a day.

Do you try to match your makeup to your outfit?

Daisy: I usually base my outfit off of my makeup (laughs), since I tend to do my makeup first I leave the outfit second.

In your opinion, what is the relationship between an outfit and makeup? Should they match? Be separate looks?

Daisy: In my opinion the makeup and outfit should compliment each other. It’s not always about incorporating colors that match the outfit but rather throwing different hints of colors that compliment it.

You have a YouTube channel with over 140k subscribers and counting. What is your favorite thing about having a YouTube channel?

Daisy: My favorite thing about having a YouTube channel is seeing all the feedback that I get. I love reading the comments and replying back to my fans. Not to mention that I enjoy sitting in front of my camera and just doing my makeup because I truly love what I do.

What goal do you plan to achieve in the makeup industry? Your own line?

Daisy: My goal is definitely to have my own cosmetic line, even if it’s just a lipstick or a pair of lashes it would be a dream come true. In addition, my goal is to collaborate with a makeup brand such as Ofra, MakeupGeeek, Benefit, etc.

What is your favorite thing about doing makeup?

Daisy: My favorite thing about doing makeup is being able to be in control of what look I’m going to do. One day I can do a soft halo eye and the next a colorful double cut crease with glitters. The creations are endless and that’s why I love to do makeup.

If you could give any advice to girls looking to improve their makeup skills, what would it be?

Daisy: My advice to girls on improving their makeup skills is to not give up! I’m not gonna lie I sucked at doing makeup and I would get frustrated quickly. I kept practicing and with time I got better. Watching makeup tutorials and practicing step by step definitely helps  ♦

Daisy Marquez Makeup (1)Daisy Marquez Makeup (2)Daisy Marquez Makeup (3)

Don’t forget to check out Daisy’s makeup tutorials available on her YouTube channel youtube/daimarquez.