Yeezy finally has jumped over Jumpan! Adidas has now officially beat Jordan brand as the number two sport footwear brand in the United States. The competition between Jordan and Adidas began when Kanye West left Nike for Adidas. Kanye and Adidas can now finally claim victory or at least for now.

While Jordans still sell a whole lot of sneakers and are the number three most successful sport footwear brand in the United States, Adidas recently surpassed Jumpan in sneaker sales. It is a big shock to many analysts, however it is not a shock to the supporters of Adidas and many sneakerheads who saw this coming due to repetitive Jordan brand releases.

A few months ago, Kanye West released a song called ‘Facts’ where the artist claimed, “Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman…. Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman.” Now it seems those words are finally true. However, don’t expect the Jordan vs. Adidas rivalry to be over any time soon but for now….congratulations Adidas!