For the past few weeks there has been a streetwear bully on the loose by the name of ‘Big Ape’ aka ‘YMBAPE’ that has been harassing and violating (as he describes it) anybody who he catches wearing Supreme clothing. He shows up at Supreme stores and customer lines bullying and harassing customers as well as employees. See a compilation video below of his antics.

There is no need for this type of nonsense in fashion/streetwear culture. Both Supreme and BAPE are legendary clothing brands that deserve respect as well as the individuals who wear them. That is why it is time someone teaches Mr. Big Ape some manners and respect which is why we are a offering a $100 USD prize for anybody who punks or ‘violates’ this BAPE bully and catches it on camera. You must upload the video to your respective social media accounts (Instagram/Twitter) and tag us. #BangingOnYOURchest #GodlovesALLstreetwear